EnviroTube (ET01)

EnviroTubeTM – The Smooth Operator – is today’s solution to a more cost effective and environmentally friendly rubbish & linen chute system. Made from low-density polyethylene (100 per cent recycled plastic materials used when available), the EnviroTube is engineered on the basis of fast and easy installation, low maintenance and an ultra-smooth finish. As such, the EnviroTube is a cheaper and substantially quieter alternative to the traditional steel chute systems.

EnviroTube is a Trademark of ASI JD MacDonald 

Product Specifications

  • Made from low-density polyethylene (100 per cent recycled plastic materials used when available)
  • Quieter & more cost effective alternative to steel & cement chutes
  • Faster & easier installation than standard metal & cement chutes
  • Greener & more hygienic solution
  • Light weight sections enable ease of installation
  • 5mm thick sections reduce impact noise and vibration, resulting in a quieter chute solution
  • Acoustic treatment is not required due to the thickness of each section
  • Moulded connection of loading throat for a less restricted flow, no sharp angles and reduced impact

Standard Inclusions:

  • Fire rated doors (FR) are durable and reliable, high quality stainless steel and steel construction, self-closing hydraulic, hand operated and bottom hinged and carry a 90 minute fire rating label
  • Flushing spray
  • In-take close-off devices
  • Fire sprinklers (at every second floor)
  • Isolator mounts
  • Exhaust fan


  • Chutes available as 550mm diameter plastic or 510mm diameter 1.6mm galvanised steel
  • Single or dual chute options available
  • Can be individually fabricated to suit project needs