Garbage Chute (GC1)

The ASI JD MacDonald chute range is designed with safety and ease of installation in mind, given each section of the chute is lightweight and easily moveable. Through researching and embracing modern chute technologies, ASI JD MacDonald continues to produce the highest quality, lightweight commercial and residential chute solutions for today’s Australian market place. Each section of an ASI JD MacDonald Steel Chute is specifically designed to fit directly into the section below, with no bolts, clips or other projections in order to successfully allow the continuous flow of all waste materials. In addition, to quieten the sound of rubbish flowing down the chutes, the design allows no component touching the building structure to do so without noise suppressing material in-between the chute and the building, ensuring ultimate end user satisfaction.

Product Specifications

  • Chutes available as 550mm diameter plastic or 510mm diameter 1.6mm galvanised steel
  • Single or dual chute options available
  • Can be individually fabricated to suit project needs

Standard Inclusions:

  • Fire rated doors (FR) are durable and reliable, high quality stainless steel and steel construction, self-closing hydraulic, hand operated and bottom hinged and carry a 90 minute fire rating label
  • Flushing spray
  • In-take close-off devices
  • Fire sprinklers (at every second floor)
  • Isolator mounts
  • Exhaust fan

Standard Options:

  • Offsets – to get around obstacles (to a maximum of 45 degrees – building dependent)
  • Offsets – to reduce terminal velocity
  • Sound lagging
  • Tooling to form penetrations
  • Rotobin waste management system (for waste collection)

Collection Point Options:

  • Discharge Deflector Skirt – to protect the user from deflections when inserting sharp or glass waste items
  • ‘A’ type door – installed at the discharge of each chute
  • Deflector – to divert rubbish away from the wall

 Ancillary Options:

  • Bin tugs – used to move bins up an incline
  • Deodorising units – to manage odours
  • Bin supplies – 240L, 360L, 660L & 1100L bins
  • Transportable compactors – for larger developments
  • Bin lifters – to transfer bin waste from one bin to another (eg from a small bin to a larger bin)
  • Cardboard balers